Committed to My Union

by Julie Yust
Shop Steward at the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept.

"For the first time in decades, the majority of Americans do not belong to the middle class. Working people are struggling just to get by. In anticipation of the Friedrichs decision, radical groups like the Freedom Foundation are trying to confuse us into abandoning our union membership. Don’t be fooled! The Freedom Foundation has a track record of attacking working families and trying to undermine our unions. Only by standing together and re-affirming our commitment to each other can we as union members preserve our hard-fought wages and benefits, raise standards in our jobs, and serve and protect our communities..." Read Julie's full story here.



Brian Pinney
Inventory Purchasing Specialist at King County

"It's only through union membership and power in numbers that you're going to continue to achieve..."

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Jennifer Broadus
Administrative Specialist III at King County

"If we stand together no one can stop us and we can win."


Carl Beatty
Corrections Officer at Monroe Corrections Complex

"We need to remember our past and stay unified for our future... "

Read Carl's story here


Eric Wise
Facilities Maintenance Mechanic at Pierce County

"Union Solidarity gives me the ability to do my work the right way. In my work that means maintaining county... "

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Vicki Moore
Local 117 Shop Steward at King County Elections

"Unions fight for the middle class. I’ve noticed that in my lifetime, it's getting harder and harder to..."

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Robin Robinson
WWT Admin at King County

"Without a union, I don’t have a leg to stand on. I have nowhere to fight...."

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Steve Worden
Retired Corrections worker at WSP

"We're all a family and we need to support each other because politicians aren't going to do it on their own..."

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Michael Boe
Shift Sergeant at Monroe Correctional Complex

"I have been a Teamster for 15 years. Being a Teamster is terribly, terribly important. I am so proud..."

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James Palmer
Sergeant at Monroe Correctional Complex

“I am a Sergeant at the Monroe Correctional complex, where I’ve been for 16 years, working..."

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Steve Beck
CO2, Transport Officer

“The Freedom Foundation is not looking out for union members. They are worried about themselves..."

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Connie Kanehailua
Counselor at Airway Heights Corrections Center

“I have been working at the prison system for over 30 years. I have seen how things have changed..."

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Judith Emerson
RN 3 Supervisor at WSP

“In our communities there isn’t loyalty to our workforce anymore. So your job is not necessarily secure..."

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Alfredo Espino
Teamsters 117 Trustee

“We can be even stronger with greater participation from our Latino membership...."

Read Alfredo's story here

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