“…Three years ago we started thinking about this plan for public sector unions, going out and defunding the opposition, and trying to weaken them..."

Scott Roberts, Freedom Foundation staff, January 20, 2015


They aren't about freedom

They are a political organization that tries to call, email or even visit you at home to mislead you into abandoning your union brothers and sisters. Unions are one of the last checks on corporate power. The Freedom Foundation tries to dismantle unions so they are free to push their corporate agenda.


They fight against wage increases

The Freedom Foundation fought against funding the state employee pay raises. Their goal is to dismantle government, cut public services and outsource public sector jobs. We value wages to raise a family for all public sector workers.


They hurt middle class families

The Freedom Foundation continues to lobby against policies that nurture strong and healthy communities. They oppose paid sick leave, the minimum wage, and collective bargaining rights.
Learn more about the Freedom Foundation priorities here.


Oppose collective bargaining rights

Collective bargaining give workers the ability to get ahead. The Freedom Foundation has sponsored numerous initiatives that would undermine the ability for workers to organize for higher wages, strong benefits and safe working conditions.


Funded by wealthy special interests

The Freedom Foundation is funded by out-of-state billionaires and special interests. They do not disclose their donors, however researchers have identified connections to some of the nation's largest front groups for the ultra-wealthy.
Learn more about the Freedom Foundation donors here.

Why is the Freedom Foundation
pushing its anti-union agenda?



Unions are one of the last checks on corporate power.

Unions give working people a voice. Our victories over the years have laid the foundation for middle class families. Our values and what we are pushing for stands in the way of the Freedom Foundation's corporate agenda. By eliminating unions, the Freedom Foundation is free to fight worker power and push their agenda.


The Freedom Foundation wants to maintain corporate dominance at the expense of working people.

The Freedom Foundation is a front group for wealthy corporate interests. They push an anti-worker agenda which puts more money in the hands of millionaires and billionaires.



Unions are fighting to re-balance the economy and expand the middle class.

America's economy has swung out of balance. Everyday Americans are finding it harder than ever before to get ahead. Unions fight to win higher wages and benefits for American families. Groups like the Freedom Foundation push for policies that hurt middle class families.


The Freedom Foundation is manipulating the rules to benefit the wealthiest 1%.

If you want to find their motives, look no further than their donors. The Freedom Foundation is funded by wealthy donors and corporate interest groups.

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