Working people
deserve a voice.

Our mission is to provide a voice to our members. With integrity and an unwavering dedication to economic and social justice, we organize, educate, and lead collective and political action to protect and expand the rights, wages and benefits of working families

We are united by our values. Family. Strength. Community.


1. Wages to raise a family

We believe in family wages. We fight for strong contracts that allow a quality standard of living and can sustain a family. Our economy is increasingly out of balance. We fight to grow the middle class.


2. Strong & Healthy Communities

We believe strong and healthy communities are at the core of a strong society. We fight for wages and benefits that allow work-life balance so people have time to spend with their families and communities.


3. Respect at Work

We believe in worker power. When workers stand united they are able to express their rights without repercussions. We work collectively to gain improvements at work, negotiate strong contracts and improve lives.


4. Secure Retirement

We believe every person should be able to earn a secure retirement. We fight to secure retirement benefits so everyone can retire with dignity. As retirement is becomes increasingly shaky, we bring economic certainty.


5. Good Benefits

We believe that all working people deserve health benefits for themselves and their families. We fight to sustain good and affordable health benefits.

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