Eric Wise
Facilities Maintenance Mechanic at Pierce County

“I have been working at Pierce County for 22 years and have been a Teamster since 1980. If I have to follow certain rules, I would expect the management to do the same. Many times I have seen the county try to cut corners and contract out our work. In the short-run it saves some money, but over time you see equipment that fails, unsanitary work conditions, and in some cases a dangerous environment. It is the whole community that suffers. Union solidarity gives me the ability to do my work the right way. In my work that means maintaining county facilities in a safe and economical manner.

I would hope that if someone from a political group like the so called 'Freedom Foundation' tried to contact one of my co-workers, they would be transparent about their true motives. The only freedom they care about is a corporation’s freedom from paying a living wage.”

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