Teamsters 117 Story Challenge: Open to all members



In our time, the word “freedom”, can be loaded with lots of different meanings.  There are entities claiming to be able to give it to you, sell it to you, or instruct you on how to get it yourself.  However, freedom fundamentally is defined by your ability to think, speak, and act in response to your own beliefs, choices and individual life experiences. 

There is no one way to define the word, just like there is no one way to define what it means to be part of union.   Through winning strong contracts and improving our workplaces, Teamsters 117 members have unique stories of freedom to share. We want to hear them!


Reflect on how the various benefits, protections, and job improvements have created freedom in your life for you and/or your family.  Participate in our story challenge by answering the following question: 

Through your experience as a Teamster, how has being part of a union afforded you more freedom in your life?



1st place - $1000

2nd place - $400

3rd place - $150

Honorable mention and

other awards!


Entries must be between 300 – 500 words. The deadline for submissions has been extended to November 1, 2017.  All entries will be judged blindly by a member-committee.  Don’t let not writing since High School or English as a second language stop you from entering the challenge.  Everyone is welcome to participate and content will be valued over writing skill level. 


All entries may be used for publication by Teamsters 117 or read at union events.

Open to all Teamsters Local 117 members 18+ years of age residing in the US.

Each participant can submit only one story.

Winners will be notified by December 11, 2017 via letter to the provided address.

The winning story will be read at December Membership Meeting at Tukwila Hall.






family_pic.jpgIn 2004, the oldest of my three daughters, Anastacia, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. She was only five. Anastacia was fully insulin dependent which required multiple injections, blood-sugar tests and general oversight all while entering her first year of kindergarten. At that time I was a single father with full-custody working the night shift at Food Services of America. Being part of the union was what allowed me to earn a decent wage and have job security to take care of my daughter. Now my wish is that every worker has the right to enjoy the freedom that union fought contracts bring, and I fight for that every day as Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 117. Freedom to me is the ability to be there for my family.


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